Droplet Formation

My Ph.D. dissertation was focused on developing a mathematical model to simulate droplet formation process under various external force, like gravity, shear, etc. We see droplets forming in many natural and industrial settings. Rain drops and wave breakup into tiny droplets being examples of natural occurrence while ink-jet printing, emulsion, atomization in hybrid rocket engine, etc. are examples in industrial processes. First, I developed a computational model to simulate a straight forward example of a droplet formation under a gravitational force.

Solar Updraft Tower

My MS thesis was about exploring designs of solar updraft tower and performance analysis of the power output. The solar chimney power plant works on the principle of natural convection. I designed a geometry with a conical diffuser at the base of the solar chimney. An example schematic is given below. Geometry of the solar chimney system (a) without diffuser (the original design) and with the conical diffuser (the new design).